The Lung & Sleep Clinic of Alaska, Inc is now CLOSED for business.   We are only providing medical records and closing out accounts.

100 E.15th Ave
Conshohocken, PA   19428
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The Lung and Sleep Clinic Closed it's practice permanently on May 29th, 2015. 

Please refer to the Release of Information section regarding your records.

Please note that if your balance has not been paid in full or you have not established a written payment plan with our clinic, then your account may be transferred to a collection agency.  Payments can be made by contacting us by email, or phone.

If you have not received your Medical Records, please fill out a release of information form located above with the address you would like your records mailed to then fax or email the completed form to us.

Thank you

REQUESTING MEDICAL RECORDS:  Both Patient & Medical Provider Requests.

Release of Information Consent Form (click here)

You must complete and sign the Release of Information Request Form above.  Then fax or email the completed form to us.   You should include a current email address regardless of the method used to return the form.   I will notify you when your documents are mailed.   Starting April 1, 2016, all medical record documents will be sent by mail on a USB drive.  The medical portal system will be discontinued after 4-1-2016.