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The disorder called Restless Leg Syndrome, and a similar one called PLMD or Periodic Limb Movement Disorder causes the legs or arms to move or twitch involuntarily. This may be inherited and several family members may suffer from it. It can be related to other conditions like iron deficiency, diabetes, or kidney disease. A person with Restless Leg Syndrome will experience some type of unpleasant feeling in the legs. This problem is worse in the afternoon, evening, and early night. The legs may twitch or jerk, or a person may constantly move the legs to decrease the feeling. Movement does help for a few minutes, but the feeling comes back quickly. People with restless legs have trouble in movies or on an air plane. The disorder is worse during the night, and make cause frequent but very brief awakenings. The person with restless legs frequently does not recall these night time awakenings, but it will cause restless and poor quality sleep. Some people have to rub the legs or walk during the night to stop the feeling. While not related to Parkinson's Disease, it may be effectively treated with medications used for Parkinson's disorder. Other medications may help also. Treatment is indicated if the person feels the condition is limiting their quality of life, or if it is disrupting sleep.


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